One Dictator Dies, Another Is Born

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March 7, 2013 by apbluebass

bamma   Drone strikes?  On U.S. soil?  And the Attorney General has the gall to say that this is Constitutional… Really?  We give the President or more accurately, some mid level government flunky at NSA the button to say wether an American citizen lives or dies without the Constitutionally guaranteed right to due process?  WTF?  Potential collateral damage… on U.S. soil?  Have we let our nation truly slide into a third world cesspool worthy of having the military and DHS run roughshod over the countryside killing our citizens at the   “Dear Leaders” whim?  Can anyone please tell me, how the hell did these people get elected and why the hell is a moron like Eric Holder our nations top law enforcement officer?  I thought these geniuses were Constitutional scholars… can you say Fifth Amendment?

Our “Dear Leader” and his henchmen are fighting tooth and nail to shred the 2nd Amendment, making threats to scare the crap out of the sliver of honest press members  thus squashing the 1st Amendment, buying military hardware and ammo for domestic consumption with the implied intent of suppressing the public, and according to Eric Holders testimony before the Senate today, skirting Posse Comitatus to use civilian paramilitary troops to attack out citizens, and we are supposed to believe that he is not a dictator?

Thank God Rand Paul stood up for *ahem a couple of minutes to  question the latest nonsense out of the Executioner … er I mean Executive branch.  What is killing me (no pun intended) is the fact that DEMOCRATS AND LIBERALS ARE BACKING THIS NONSENSE!!! Is winning one for this charlatan more important than our freedom and our constitutional principals? Do the folks on the left even know what is at stake and the precedence that is being set?  Didn’t they all take an oath?  I am shocked that Bernie Sanders did not stand shoulder to shoulder with Rand Paul.  This isn’t about Democrats or Republicans, this is about the fundamental principal of due process, one of the pillars of our entire culture and society!

What has always set us apart and made us the greatest nation is the Blind Scales of Justice and the fact that everyone has a right to equal justice under the law.  George Orwell was right,  “Some animals are more equal than others”.   If this is “fundamental transformation” it is beyond wrong.  It is a perverse and inhumane slope that will use the ignorance and loyalty of the masses to perpetuate their eternal servitude to an elite political ruling class. Blind worshippers who have been whipped into a hypnotic frenzy with the false hope and promise of a utopian society of universal equality that can never be achieved.  Someone, please wake me up, this has to be a bad dream…


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