March 20, 2013 by apbluebass

PROTESTER-AMERICAN-FLAG-B-001I just got alerts in my mailbox from both the NRA and MSI warning of an impending vote on our idiot Governor’s Constitutional deconstruction bill SB 281  a.k.a. O’Malley’s gun grab.  According to Facebook posts and constituent letters posted by various state Delegates and Senators, the efforts of patriotic Marylander’s, who have stood up in opposition, is having a serious effect upon slowing down and modifying a tragic bill that otherwise would have been fast tracked into law.  My plea for help!… Many of you saw my posts on the Sheriffs who showed up in Annapolis to support the Second Amendment.  


Tell them they need to issue an “Enforcement Discretionary Memo” or at least a public letter of intent to do so.  Many of you may remember that this tactic was used by ICE and our “Dear Leader” as a de-facto “amnesty” in the form of a “Prosecutorial Discretion Memo”.  SB-281 can be stopped in it’s tracks if the Maryland Sheriffs Association (or a large block of it’s members) publicly releases an “Enforcement Discretionary Memo” stating that;

-They will not allow unconstitutional laws to be enforced within their counties.


-They would consider enacting said laws to be a violation of the Civil Rights of Maryland’s citizens which would warrant the arrest of any individual who was party to said legislation.


-That they would consider any person enacting said law to be guilty of conspiracy to commit theft of private property as well as to commit racketeering under Ricoh statutes.

These charges would be legitimate and ELECTED SHERIFFS would be within their right to detain and arrest anyone with state house tags on their vehicles who were passing thru their counties.  What happens later in court is anyones guess.  I’ll bet dollars to dimes that there isn’t a single member of the Maryland Statehouse with the nerve to test the will of these lawmen.  Just the threat of ending up in the clink while taking a jaunt to the beach will probably scare the be-jeezes out of these cowards and get them to toss the bill in a drawer.

So once again I ask… If anyone has a way to directly contact the Sheriffs of Wicomico, Caroline, Kent, Queen Anne’s, Talbot, or Worchester counties, please do so asap!

If you can take one minute tomorrow and use the tools at this link, you can contact all of the dirtbags offices in Annapolis and give them a piece of your mind!



  1. Publius says:

    There’s a lot of deserved focus on the fact that handgun owners will have to be fingerprinted, but SB281 has three other aspects that are very disturbing. One is that the existing rifles that will be banned will have to be registered with the Maryland State Police (MSP) if they aren’t yet. In other words, Maryland will be like a Third Word nation (I’m a legal immigrant from there, now naturalized, so believe me, I’m familiar) in the sense that if you own one of these banned rifles and “your papers aren’t in order”, you will be in legal trouble. Secondly, the law bans common, and in the case of the AR-15, best-selling firearms. How that is not 100% unconstitutional, I do not know. The equivalent done to the 1st amendment would be to ban best-selling books that the majority party dislikes. I mean, it is absurd. Thirdly, back to the fingerprinting that will put an extra burden on the MSP. Many people are not aware that as of now it is taking the MSP **more than six weeks to run the background check that should take one week**. That’s right, if you go buy a handgun or controlled rifle tomorrow, it will take you more than 40 days to take it home. This is because of higher sales coupled with the fact that the MSP does not have the resources to respond appropriately. If the MSP right now is taking more than 40 days to run a background check, what will happen when it has to include fingerprints in the process? What is happening today is already a violation of due process. If SB281 does not allocate much more resources to the MSP, things will only get worse for gun buyers. The whole thing is just so bad that obviously it will end up in court with a very good chance chunks (or the whole) of it will be struck down.

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