The Evil Pope


April 9, 2013 by apbluebass

krampus1Nope… no sir… I wasn’t gonna touch this one again but he made me do it. Can someone… anyone, please tell me what the hell Louis Pope was thinking?  Did he really think that a phony baloney, cutesy, “Howdy kids” mea culpa letter  would just sweep the Nicolee Ambrose incident under the rug and put his bovine partner in crime in the drivers seat?      In one fell swoop, his unholiness just embarrassed the entire party, screwed the National Rules Committee, and revealed his true nature as an inhumanly cruel, and self serving bully.

*note to Louis Pope… if you are digging a hole, when you reach 6 feet just stop and pull the dirt on top of yourself.

I am rarely at a loss for words, but as an activist who has literally broken bones and shed blood on the campaign trail, I am so offended by Pope’s smarmy, country club elitist, attitude that I am using every fibre of my being to resist from flying into a tirade of profanity.  I am amazed that he can afford to do all of the *(ahem) “party work” that he does.  From reading his letter, I figure that he spends the bulk of his spare money on Windex for wiping the lip prints off of the mirrors around his house.  “Appearances be damned and to hell with all the little pee-on’s working door to door, I want my chrome dome on T.V. and in every photo op because I am part of the contributing elite and gosh darn it, I deserve it.”  Pope just doesn’t get it.  Party *(ahem) “leaders” who act and think like him are why so many people now viscerally hate the Republican brand.

The first thing that struck me was his characterization of being on the Rules Committee as an “added chore that someone from each state had to fulfill”.  Well excuse us for taking time away from your Scotch slurping social.  To those of us who can’t afford 30 years worth of buying party favor with thousand dollar a pop tables at Lincoln day dinners, serving on the  Rules Committee would be nothing less than an honor…period!

Pope’s description of the Blackwell deal whether intentional or not insinuates a quid pro quo arrangement that creates an unnecessary embarrassment for Nicolee Ambrose.  It is Nicolee who is the victim of this whole sordid affair so stop pouring salt into a wound you created.

A true gentleman would never lead another person on in a cruel game of deception.  Knowingly allowing Nicolee’s hopes and aspirations of being on the Rules Committee to be falsely raised only to have the rug pulled out from under her is one of the most despicable and cowardly acts I have seen.  As soon as he knew of the Blackwell deal/Mooney resignation scenario, rather than playing this back stabbing game, he should have called Nicolee, and all of the parties involved, retracted his application and settled the deal in the sunshine. That is what a true leader does, even if it means stepping aside for the greater good.

“Buh bu but what about the RNC party heads on Rules Committee… they wanted Pope?”   Screw them!  They got the “party elite” from Maryland working out of state for the past two elections.  They look at Maryland as a wallet and extra boots for our neighboring states, so they can bite me!  The rank and file wanted Nicolee and Maryland chooses Maryland’s representative… not the national party!  Perhaps the RNC elite fears a fresh set of eyes that could call them out of their entrenched comfort zone?

The Bongino campaign proved that there are enough activists who are fed up with the MDGOP to basically nullify it and work as an autonomous version of the party until recognized.  Word to the wise in the MDGOP, do not take the rank and file for granted any more.  Without them you are nothing, and without you… well we are used to that by now.


2 thoughts on “The Evil Pope

  1. Augie says:

    Reblogged this on No title necessary and commented:
    CLASSIC! “In one fell swoop, his unholiness just embarrassed the entire party, screwed the National Rules Committee, and revealed his true nature as an inhumanly cruel, and self serving bully.” ~ EFTP

  2. Augie says:

    Wow…what a piece…Your best yet!

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