My Democrat Delegate- Arrogant,Vindictive,Idiot Or All Of The Above?


April 16, 2013 by apbluebass

VIDLast week, the Maryland General Assembly declared “sine die” which is political lingo for “We have screwed the voters over enough to kill them so let’s go home”.  My shoes and socks are off and I still can’t count how many ways that our beloved elected leaders have hosed us.  To add insult to injury, I just received this *ahem “oh so thoughtful” correspondence from my wonderful elected representative, Delegate Craig Zucker District 14.Scan 131060000


* note to general public… I hate my scanner.

SO… I must insist that you read this letter, otherwise I will be forced to yank it apart sentence by sentence, an exercise which will undoubtedly make my brain blow up and hurl  goop all over the shiny keyboard of my nice new computer._zombie_head_cartoon_character_and_speech_bubble_with_brain_112694656According to “my pal” Craig, he helped to pass a “fair and balanced budget that virtually eliminated the structural deficit and cut useless government spending”.

If this session had not been so reckless, this would almost be funny.  There is nothing “fair” or commendable about balancing a budget by jacking the taxpayers wallets for as much cash as your thieving little fingers can grab.  Since when is renovating the Olney theatre a “critical initiative” worthy of copious amounts of state funding?  Please, look at the obscene amounts of money “secured” for certain schools in Montgomery County.  Are these projects really essential enough to require this level of state funding?  Why do I feel like I am sitting on the family room floor watching a bunch of kids dumping out their Halloween bags and counting up the loot?  Just for once, can we please get some honest and serious people in office who will brag about cutting government waste on this plane of reality?

Here is the real kicker-

I attended every 2 A rally, submitted written testimony to both the House and Senate, and called or emailed every representative.  I am certain that this is why the money for a stamp, envelope, shiny letter on official stationary, and the wages paid to a bootlicking lackey to put it together were wasted on filling my mailbox with this verbal tripe.  He took a paragraph to say that he was a co-sponsor of O’Meathead’s gun grab.  So my question stands…

Is Zucker so arrogant about his position on the House Appropriations Committee and so bought into the concept of dollars spent equals political success that he actually believes these atrocities committed via supermajority rule are really an example of good government… or

Knowing that a lions share of the correspondence that he received this session was from 2 A supporters, did he craft this letter to be a vindictive prick and rub the ashes of the Constitution in our faces… or

Is Craig Zucker a mindless idiot with a “D” next to his name who tapped out this P.O.S. letter in 20 min and handed it off to an aide to mass mail out to every email address he  has in his computer regardless of the recipient.

If the answer was “B… he is a vindictive prick”, I could at least have a little respect for him.  This would show that he put some genuine thought and effort into saying “screw you” and didn’t just go through the motions.

Odds are that the answer is all of the above and that his being a jerk is just shooting at the moon with a scatter gun.  He might as well do it now while he can.  Next year after SB 281 is law, the best he will be able to do is look up and pee his pants.



One thought on “My Democrat Delegate- Arrogant,Vindictive,Idiot Or All Of The Above?

  1. Sharon Strine says:

    Wonderfully written and very informative, yet again. Thanks so much for doing this blog, Andrew!!

    Sharon Strine

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