“So Grasshopper, What Did You Learn At The MCGOP Dinner?”

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April 18, 2013 by apbluebass

MV5BMTMyNzQ4OTQ4OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwMTgxNDI2._V1._SX450_SY299_                                                                                                                          “So Grasshopper, I understand you went to the MCGOP dinner, tell me what you learned.”

“Master Po, I found that if a man is a cheapskate and does not pay to park in the garage, he will not snatch the pebble from the hand but will instead pull it out of his shoe from walking across a construction site to get to the ballroom.”

” I learned that many who I thought were my friends are not and many who I saw as enemies are truly kindred friends… one need only take the time to find out…”

” I saw that Robin Ficker too has a wallet but instead chooses to stuff all of his money in a sloppy crumpled up wad in his front pocket like I do …”

” I learned from Collins Bailey that a man who does not eat asparagus will know a lot more about business than most … and will also be able recite the entire Constitution from memory…”

” I learned from Greg Kline that a man who is a truly good sport can take sharp criticism with a smile and a handshake…”

” I learned from Diana Waterman that .deadmilkmentrim

..mean people suck and ignore those who they think are beneath them…”

” I saw that the most venerable of men can have someone else tie their tie for them…”

” I found that Nicolee Ambrose is one of the most genuinely decent human beings that I have met in the MDGOP and if she is not made party chair at some point in the near future, every member of the MDGOP deserves a good thrashing with nun-chuks…”  537157_492589164128274_2035634275_n

On a more serious note, and I already knew this one… The MCGOP knows how to make money!  Granted, there is a never ending supply of obscenely wealthy individuals in Montgomery County, but the combination of a high number of Central Committee members coupled with real speakers at dinners and a full slate of regular local events, the MCGOP holds it’s own.  Whether it’s the first Thursday or any one of the 8 women’s clubs, etc, Montgomery has enough events to keep people engaged which translates into a full ballroom at dinners.100_0833

One of the best events is called “Let’s Talk Politics” and won Nancy Griffin the “Woman of the Year” award.  Every county should duplicate this forum.  She invites all of the candidates for a particular office to her house and puts each one in a separate room.  The guests are split up and given a set amount of time to ask them any questions.  When the chime sounds, the  audience rotates to the next room.  For candidates, her forums were not optional!  Do not dare skip this or you will be deemed a coward and will be shunned by the entire party.  It is this level of involvement that makes people feel like they are really a part of the process.73384_492589697461554_700607289_n

*Congratulations Nancy!  ( enough of the serious stuff… on with the story )

” But Master, I do not understand.  The MCGOP has the golden treasure of an Emperor but no one to speak their voice in office… how can this be Master?”

” Ah, Grasshopper, a wealthy man who locks himself in a room with other wealthy men can never truly gauge his riches or share his spirit among men..”

“But Master, I still do not understand…”

“What I am saying Grasshopper is that for all the money they can suck in, they suck at getting the message out to the public… You can reach into your own pocket for money but you must reach out to others to find your soul… do this Grasshopper and you will have learned…”


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