Badges?… We Need Stinking Badges?…


April 19, 2013 by apbluebass

partial_badgeIn what is perhaps one of the greatest cinematic masterpieces of all time, a single line of dialog captured in it’s purity the crux of the American rebel spirit.

It seems as though the Maryland Democrat legislature’s Jack Boot Thug tactics of anti Constitutional intimidation have rubbed off on the MDGOP’s reigning royalty.  That ever faithful bastion of conservative values in media, “The Baltimore Sun” alerted Maryland’s stable of right wing bloggers and social media mavens to the news that they are now officially persona non grata at MDGOP events.  Oops!  We made the little babies cry by telling the truth and exposing them for the subhuman frauds that they are.  Now they are picking up their toys, i.e. the MDGOP and are going home to pout.

I get the limited credentials thing because events need to funded, but the retention of rights on all images, recordings and documents?  This is a political party of, by, and for the people for crying out loud!  You don’t maintain this level of secrecy over events where decisions are made that affect 1/3 of the voters in a state… not in a free society!  Who died and made these people Gods?

The MDGOP’s turbulent post Mooney soap opera was created by their own despicable actions and pedestrian attempts to sweep them under the rug, not by the bloggers who are looking for the straight answers we all deserve.

In light of this recent insult to the rank and file of the party and their popularly created representatives in the social media, I think that the entire Executive Committee should submit their resignations and re apply for their positions.  Those who deserve to be there will survive on their character and not on a procedural technicality… or are technicalities the mark of potential cold, calculating, and cut throat MDGOP leadership that lies on our horizon?

Either way, after I pay my lousy 75 bucks so someone can blow the cash on a really nice dinner on the next “Follow O’Malley folly”, I will be distributing these to my friends… so I look forward to seeing all and telling the tales afterwords.



One thought on “Badges?… We Need Stinking Badges?…

  1. […] apologize. After the FUBAR that one of my colleagues called “asinine and stupid”, the slap in the face to Maryland bloggers didn’t start things off on a good note for me, to say the […]

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