My First Rodeo… No Bull!

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April 23, 2013 by apbluebass


Yee-haw!  I done did mah first rodeo an’ I din’t git uh-rested or hunged or nuthin”!

*please- let the audio run while reading the post… You will want a steak for dinner!  Moo…

I have always been a campaign guy so attending the MDGOP Spring convention as a proxy carrying voter was a new and eye opening experience.  I missed much of Friday nights revelry due to a seemingly never ending quest to track down my proxy.  For an in-depth report on the overall proceedings, I must refer you to Michael Swartz and his 3000 plus posting keystone of the Maryland blogosphere Monoblogue where he has all of the fun and frolicking covered in detail.  The balance of my time was spent scarfing food and booze ( cinnamon whisky – yes…) catching up with other bloggers, and twisting arms.

After the Vice Chair vote, I was approached by more than a few people who said they were “looking forward to my blog post” dissecting the weekends events.  I purposely took a day to think things over before commenting.  Those of you who expected flames will be getting gasoline and unlit matches instead.  I will say though, that anyone who thinks that a “fix was in” because of a pack of cookies is mistaken.  Collins always said he wanted to heal the party.  No matter how the Chairman’s vote went, without a no confidence vote, Diana was going to be around so this is nothing more than a promise to bring peace, love and harmony through a sacramental offering of baked goods.Unity-cookies-1-mb-480x382I was stunned as was half of the crowd, with the vote count disparity between Greg and Collins.  What Greg needs to realize is that his own success was his undoing.  I spoke to more than a handful of people who were not going to vote for Greg because they did not want to see him abandon Red Maryland (kudos to Greg, you are a class act).  So, after the first vote everyone saw the combined numbers and thought Collins was a shoe-in to win on a second ballot… or was he?

I have an excuse, it was my first rodeo and I was not familiar with the parliamentary procedures of the MDGOP.  Unfortunately, neither was anyone else!   I told everyone in my “Bloodbath” post that proxy votes would be the key.  I got wind on Friday that something was up when I was privy to a cryptic conversation where the Baltimore folks were working on lining theirs up.  Obviously they knew… * The only vote that counts is the last one!

This was a closed race.  Candidates for all offices should have tracked down every last Central Committee member and known exactly who was carrying the proxies.  Central Committee members should also be familiar enough with the parliamentary procedures to prevent this kind of a vote flip from happening in such an uncontrolled fashion.

Having said that, the way this turned out makes the most sense.  Diana can be Diana and chase around the glory of being our face to the almighty RNC.  We can ignore her for the next two years pretty much the same way we have ignored the Chairman for the past 5 or 6 years.  Collins can roll up his sleeves and help heal/fix this busted up party, maybe even get us a data system that is worth a crap…  Louis Pope can go raise obscene amounts of money to clear us from the financial hole that we are currently in.  John Wafer can continue to go “gangsta” on the activists and future voice of the party i.e. the social media types.  ( I suggest a blowtorch and pliers). 

I imagine that when Kline’s supporters find out that their proxy voter switched from supporting Greg to Diana, they will probably be really pissed.  The old guard got their way and now the bullseye for all of them is on Diana’s back.  If she does not deliver, she will not be the only one to pay the price in ’14.  There will be no shortage of Central Committee candidates on the ballots loaded for bear with ammunition to sway the voters as they man the phones and knock on doors… can you say “Clean House”!

If the Democrats only knew…






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